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5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

I’m such a nerd for San Francisco and bridges—so obviously the Golden Gate is my favorite! I run in trucker hats too, so everything about this hat as part of the National Parks collection is my jam. What’s more—20 percent of sales of these bad boys ($26) goes back to the charitable partner of the National Park Service to help maintain our favorite spots around the country! —Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor

The single-serving packets of this tasty multi-nut butter ($14) are super convenient, whether you’re running, on a hike or even at the office or home. You can tear off the top and it squirts out a mouth-sized opening, so you can actually use this like a gel. Or drizzle it over your ice cream…luckily there’s 10 in a package, so you can experiment. Nom nom! —Nicki Miller, managing editor

I got a variety pack of SunBum Sunscreen LipBalm for Christmas and have been obsessed with it ever since! It’s impossible to find a good lip balm that has SPF ($4) but doesn’t leave a white residue or taste gross. SunBum is still light and fruity while providing SPF 30! —Monica Olivas, Run, Eat, Repeat and Team WR blogger

These shorts ($45) are made out of coffee grounds—seriously. I am working on adding more and more eco-friendly products to my life, so I was thrilled by that. Even better? I rarely find tight running shorts that I like, but these are actually comfortable and have minimal riding up. —Ashley Lauretta, freelance web editor

On my long runs, I tend to get blisters on the top of my second toe. I’ve used bandaids, and sometimes they work, sometimes they sweat off. However, I tried Silipos for a few weeks and noticed it never fell off and I didn’t get any blisters. I loved them and am so happy I don’t have embarrassing blisters on my feet—especially since it’s sandal season. —Fara Rosenzweig, freelance writer

Team WR

Team WR

Team WR represents the Women's Running staff and community behind the magazine and The team was created in July 2014 when Women's Running underwent its first re-design since it debuted in 2009. Collectively, Team WR has run everything, from marathon, to half, to novelty runs, to ultras, to 10K and 5K races, to obstacle events, to triathlons.