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Nike Created An LED Lit Running Track—Because Duh

Video: Zac Ong

The same brand that orchestrated one of the biggest marketing campaigns and running experiments ever, Breaking2, Nike’s “LED running track” makes running more like dancing through a nightclub with the “world’s first LED running track,” sitting in Manila, Phillipines.

The track is shaped like the bottom of Nike’s popular, most innovative Lunarepic Flyknit shoe, and it covers 200 meters, half the distance of a standard metric oval. The novel idea comes from the same company who put on a laser show with their Breaking2 attempt earlier this month, where three of the world’s top marathoners chased a neon green “pace line” to attempt to break that 2-hour barrier.

AKA, Nike makes running cool.

The lit spectacle gives runners—any runners—the ability to run against themselves in a virtual run. You log an initial lap time, attach the sensor to your shoe, and the sensor is what your ‘avatar,’ aka a lit-up version of yourself along a wall, paces off of. The avatar grows in height as you run faster with each lap, and up to 30 people can run on the track at a time.

Who doesn’t want to try this, just for the sake of trying it?

Team WR

Team WR

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