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8 Reasons Miami Is The Perfect Runcation Destination

*Sponsored by the Palms Hotel & Spa

A vacation is all about getting away and relaxing, right? Not for runners! Every vacation is a runcation if you try hard enough! Just ask our selfless friends, family members and significant others who always keep their cool whenever we blindside them with the revelation that there’s a race the weekend that we just so happen to be in town!

Are you looking for a getaway that’s perfect for both your running and non-running squad? Look no further! Here are eight reasons why Miami should be your next runcation destination!

1. The Food

Just like how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, food is always the most important element of a vacation. And if you’re looking to treat yourself after those long runs along Miami Beach, you’re in for a treat. With Caribbean and Latin influences, Miami is a foodie’s paradise! And as an added bonus, hotels like The Palms offer incredible farm to table dishes that not only support local farmers but foster a healthy and insanely delicious menu.

PRO TIP: Try the local cuisine. When ordering out, order a few different entrees (at least one dish you know you’ll love and then ask your waiter for suggestions for the table).

2. The Boardwalk

Finally a runcation destination that doesn’t require copious amounts of running route research! Hotels like The Palms offer direct access to Miami Beach’s four-mile boardwalk, which is not only beautiful to run, but stoplight free! A runner’s dream!

3. The Beach

With crystal clear waters and beautiful white sand beaches, all you need is a cocktail and a great book and you have the makings of a perfect day! (And let’s be honest, what tropical runcation destination is complete without post run dips in the ocean?)

4. The Weather

Miami is a tropical paradise. Pack a bathing suit, some sunscreen, shades and a hat because the weather is perfect 365 days a year.

5. The Street Art

Put aside some time to explore the incredible street art of the Wynwood Walls. Conceived in 2009 by Tony Goldman, the Wynwood Walls feature the artwork of renowned street artists from around they’re world. Rent a bike or book a tour because you won’t want to miss your chance to experience the Wynwood Walls.

6. The Adventures

Just steps outside of North Miami Beach is Oleta River State Park, home to kayaking adventures through mangrove forests and 10 miles of mountain biking trails. If you’re looking for a way to escape the city to explore all that Miami has to offer, a trip to Oleta River State Park is mandatory. Who knows, you may even get to see some barracuda, dolphins, and manatees!

7. The Nightlife

Need I say more? No? Well just in case…

8. The Running Scene

Miami’s running scene is just like the weather, it’s hot, hot, hot! With organized races just about every weekend, the chances of finding a race to squeeze into your vacation are pretty good. And if you’re not looking to race, The Palms Hotel & Spa offers a complimentary monthly running program for both the local running community and guests of the hotel called natuRUNs. Each workshop is led by a running coach and offers a pretty special opportunity to immerse yourself in the Miami running scene!

So grab your running shoes and pack your bags because Miami is calling your name! And if you’re looking for the perfect hotel for your upcoming runcation, look no further than the Palms Hotel & Spa.

Run Selfie Repeat

Run Selfie Repeat

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