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These Are The Four New Rules Of Carbs For Runners

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Our community is polarized. On one side are the pro-carb runners, who believe that carbs are rocket fuel for training and racing, and should be a centerpiece of the diet at all times. On the other side are the anti-carb runners, who believe that a low-carb diet is the key to cutting body fat and building endurance. The two sides bicker constantly on social media.

There is one group of runners, however, that has found a middle road between these extremes—a carbohydrate compromise, if you will, that points the way forward for all runners. I’m talking about the professionals.

Recently, I spent 18 months studying the diets of elite endurance athletes around the world for my new book, The Endurance Diet: Discover the World’s Greatest Athletes’ 5 Core Diet Habits to Look, Feel, and Perform Better. Perhaps the most interesting finding to come out of my research was that world-class racers everywhere from the United States to Japan have adopted a nuanced approach to carbohydrates that makes clear distinctions between carbs to eat and carbs to avoid as well as times to go heavy on carbs and times to go light.

These “new rules” of carbohydrate for runners are supported by the latest science and are proven to work better for all runners than do the all-or-nothing approaches that so many recreational runners take.

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