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Video Shows A Runner’s Vacation During Training Still Includes Running

Blogger Cynthia Martinez has been taking us through her prep for the Boston Marathon through a series of videos and her blog, Running Around The Globe. In this video, she gives us a glimpse of what vacation—in Hawaii!–can really look like for a runner. Hint: it includes running AND snorkeling.

Cynthia Martinez

My name is Cynthia Martinez, and I'm a fitness trainer, journalist and globetrotter. I was born in Michigan but am now based in New York City. I graduated from Columbia Journalism School and have been to more than 45 countries to compete in marathons and races. You can read more about me at Running Around The Globe. As I train for the Boston Marathon, I'm supported by the following brands: CWX-Conditioning Wear, Tracksmith Running, Democracy Of Sweat, Nuun, Rumble Roller, Foam Rollers, Headsweats,Tailwind Nutrition, Thorlo Socks and Hyland Homeopathic Cramp Care.