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8 Reasons Why Barre Specifically Is The Perfect Cross-Training

As a runner I both love and loathe cross-training, often having a feeling that I am the worst in the class—especially with anything that requires flexibility (I have none).

I’ve written before about not loving yoga, however this post might as well be a love letter to my favorite cross training class: Barre.

As someone with weak glutes, barre classes are a killer—but so worth it. You’ve got to embrace the burn! Barre classes (or online videos) are brilliant for helping you see how important small movements are to your workouts, and realizing that they really add up to get those muscles shaking—in the same way that small gains in your running add up to big improvements.

Here’s why I recommend barre workouts to all runners:

In London I love Barrecore classes, and even used Barre as my only cross-training method during my Chicago Marathon training two years ago. I have now added in twice-weekly classes to my Boston training (follow along on my vlog here).

Give your local barre studio a go, or try one of the online barre workouts and feel the burn!