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Start Doing This Stair Workout After Your Runs

Step by Step

Want to be a faster runner and a fitter human? Hit the stairs. A report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine explored the impact of regular step workouts on young women. The study found that after eight weeks of short stair-sprinting workouts (performed five days a week), the women increased their VO max by an impressive 17 percent. VO max is the amount of oxygen your body can utilize during exercise—and an excellent indicator of aerobic endurance. Just a 10 percent increase can shave a minute off your 5K time!

Try this workout at the end of your run twice a week…

  1. Find a flight of stairs.
  2. Starting at the bottom, sprint as fast as you can to the top.
  3. Walk slowly down to recover.
  4. Continue this for 5 minutes. (Warning: It will be a long 5 minutes!)
  5. Walk to cool down and stretch after.

Team WR

Team WR represents the Women's Running staff and community behind the magazine and The team was created in July 2014 when Women's Running underwent its first re-design since it debuted in 2009. Collectively, Team WR has run everything, from marathon, to half, to novelty runs, to ultras, to 10K and 5K races, to obstacle events, to triathlons.