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Fitbit Just Dropped Their Slimmest Gadget And It’s Hot

Sleek, slim, and smarter than ever—Fitbit just dropped the slimmest fitness wristband with continuous heart rate to help you reach your health goals in style.

The Fitbit Alta HR offers continuous heart rate and advanced sleep insights to help you reach your health goals. Combining the advanced health and fitness tracking benefits of PurePulse continuous wrist-based heart rate with the slim, stylish look of Fitbit Alta, it uses a one-of-a-kind compact chip to offer a health and fitness tracking device in a fashionable, smaller package.

PurePulse helps to better track calorie burn, gauge exercise intensity, understand your heart health and, now, track your sleep stages. At night, set a silent alarm, automatically track your sleep and get a detailed view of your sleep stages (REM, light and deep) to gain better insight into the effect your sleep habits have on your health, productivity and focus.

Additional key features include the following:

  • This device is more than 25 percent smaller than the Fitbit Charge 2.
  • You can better manage calorie burn throughout the day, including non-step-based activities.
  • See real-time heart zones (Fat Burn, Cardio and Peak) on your wrist, allowing you to find the right intensity for your personal workouts and fitness goals.
  • You can get resting heart rate trends in the Fitbit app and see how consistent cardio exercise can improve your heart health as you compare your HR trends to your activity.
  • In the Fitbit app, gain insights into sleep duration, consistency and the various stages of sleep (REM, light and deep) to better understand your sleep quality and its role in your overall health.
  • Go ahead—set a vibrating alarm to wake up more peacefully.

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Team WR

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