5 Reasons Running Is The Best Way To See A New City

What’s the best way to see the city? On the run, of course! While traveling is not new to me, traveling through the lens of running was something I discovered only five years ago. From my very first marathon in San Diego, running has taken me to new places and provided me with a built-in community I never imagined possible.

Most recently, I traveled to Detroit and co-curated a fitness event, Run Action Detroit, that combined running, yoga and social action. The event brought together a diverse group of people who share similar passions who I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Below are my top five reasons why running is the best way to see a city.

Provides Built-In Community

Especially when you’re traveling by yourself, running provides the perfect way for you to meet new people. Before I go anywhere, I spend time searching for running clubs/crews as well as local running stores and do my best to plan around getting a run in with a group.

Reduces With Jet Lag

Can’t fall asleep? Go for a run or sign up for a class at a local fitness studio. There’s no better way to get yourself tired than a tough workout.

Helps Relieve Anxiety

For many, myself included, being away from home can cause anxiety/stress. Going out for a run can provide you with a sense of comfort and relief as well as allow you to better situate yourself in an unfamiliar place.

Makes for A Great Photo Opp

I imagine myself one day running through the Great Wall of China and taking epic selfies along the way. #Goals

Allows You To Beat The Crowds

Not everyone is a morning runner, but if you are, you have the opportunity to beat the throngs of tourists headed to the same places you are. Schedule in a morning run that ends at a point of interest and you will have the luxury of visiting a place without a ton of people rushing you along.