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7 Protein Powders That Passed Our Rigorous Taste Test

Vega Sport Performance Protein Vanilla

This vegan blend of protein—from peas, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers and alfalfa—also includes some performance-enhancing ingredients, such as tart cherry, probiotics and turmeric. It’s sweetened with stevia and delivers 150 calories, 30g protein and 1g sugar per serving.
TASTE TEST: We executed our test with unsweetened almond milk and this powder delivered a high level of vanilla flavor that worked well with the plain base.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Vanilla Chai

In addition to hemp protein, this plant-based mixture includes coconut sugar, spinach, kale, broccoli and chai flavor in 130 calories with 15g protein and 7g sugar.
TASTE TEST: The nutty and “green” taste in this drink has a sweet, earthy profile that is particularly clean without excess ingredients.

Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Protein Powder

Made primarily of pea protein, this vegan powder stands out for including chia, probiotics and monk fruit as a sweetener in 180 calories with 20g protein and 3g sugar.
TASTE TEST: This tasted very sweet because of the monk fruit, which some testers liked. The chia also gives it a texture that you can almost chew, making it hearty—but tricky to get out of your teeth!

Beachbody Performance Recover Orange

With a combination of whey and pea protein, this drink also features pomegranate, quercetin (a plant flavinoid), beet sugar and stevia in 130 calories with 20g protein and 7g sugar.
TASTE TEST: Testers raved that this mix tastes like an Orange Julius with its creamy, foamy texture and punchy citrus flavor.

Natural Force Collagen Peptides

This is pure bovine hide collagen and includes 40 calories and 10g protein in a serving.
TASTE TEST: This formula is flavorless, so it will simply up the protein in a smoothie or drink. The “powdered cow,” as our testers called it, made the mixture a bit more viscous too.

ON 100% Whey Birthday Cake

In addition to whey protein, there are rainbow sprinkles (like real birthday cake!), natural and artificial flavors and sucralose delivering 130 calories, 24g protein and 2g sugar per serving.
TASTE TEST: This really tastes like birthday cake box mix, both in terms of flavor and sweetness. It was a crowdpleaser, even among those who thought it was a bit cloying and had a vaguely chemical aftertaste.

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Chocolate Peanut Butter

Multiple proteins (including pea and quinoa), greens (such as wheat grass and spirulina), fruits and vegetables come together in a vegan blend. The flavor comes from peanut flour, cocoa and stevia and it delivers 190 calories, 20g protein and 4g sugar.
TASTE TEST: Testers tasted the peanut much more strongly than the cocoa. Blend the mild, grassy mix into a smoothie with chocolate milk and a banana for a yummy treat.

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