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Here’s How To Make Your Own Bone Broth At Home

Bone Broth: a mineral-rich elixir for drinking or cooking

A hot cup of bone broth will warm you up, rehydrate and deliver needed protein after a winter run. You can also use it as stock for making soup, rice, stuffing and other dishes. If you want to make a beef broth, blanch the bones first.

Bone Broth Recipe
Makes about 1 quart


1 chicken carcass (can use rotisserie chicken)
1/2 pound chicken feet (about 10)
2 onions, quartered
4 stalks celery, roughly chopped
1 head garlic, cut in half crosswise
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
3 bay leaves
6 sprigs fresh thyme
12 peppercorns
1 bunch (about 2 cups) fresh parsley


Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Put chicken carcass and feet on sheet pan lined with tinfoil, and roast 25 minutes. Add onion, celery and garlic to pan and roast until brown, another 25 minutes. Transfer to a soup pot with apple cider vinegar, bay leaves, thyme and peppercorns, and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil, and then lower heat to a simmer for up to 8 hours. Add parsley for the last 30 minutes. Strain into a bowl, and add 2 cups ice cubes to cool fast. Put bowl in a larger bowl of ice, and wait until cool before putting in refrigerator overnight. Scrape fat off the top and discard. Reheat, keep chilled or freeze for future use.

Nicki Miller

Nicki Miller

Nicki Miller is the managing editor for Women's Running and spearheads our nutrition coverage. She’s an avid runner but also loves cycling (both on and off-road), yoga and all kinds of crazy videos to do at home. Formerly the editor of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, Nicki started her journalism career at The Washington Post. Her first races were duathlons (run, bike, run) in her twenties with her husband, and then triathlons, completing the White Lake Half Ironman in North Carolina. Since joining Women’s Running in 2013, she’s been more focused on half marathons and trail running. Some of her proudest moments have been running the Boston Marathon (first 26.2), and becoming an RRCA certified running coach and helping others take up the sport.