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Everyone Should Stop And Take This ‘Less Is More’ Challenge

When we think of how we can challenge ourselves in the New Year it’s only natural (especially for runners!) to think in terms of more. How many more races, miles or hours can we do and still achieve some sort of elusive balance? Unfortunately that train of thought and action usually ends up in feelings of defeat, disappointment and failure.

This year, set yourself up to succeed by accepting a challenge of less.

I know this is a very foreign concept to a lot you overachievers out there so let me explain. Accepting the challenge of less can be done in many ways but the way I have used it in the past seems to both placate my over-organized and overachieving side, while also relieving me of guilt and stress.

Step One

Take the time to make a simple list of all the things you want to be, do and have less of in the New Year.

For example:

  • Be less frustrated with missing a workout.
  • Do less planning with girlfriends and run solo.
  • Have less expectations about what a run “should” be and just let it be.

Step Two

Take each of these and do it for just one day.

For example:

  • Day One: Less complaining
  • Day Two: Less work
  • Day Three: Less restriction
  • Day Four: Less social media
  • Day Five: Less judging
  • Day Six: Less whining
  • Day Seven: Less fear

Doing less of one thing for one day makes it insanely manageable and with each passing day you need only focus on one less thing. Imagine what happens after 10 days? A month? A year?

As we run full force into 2017, try a less is more approach and see if there’s any truth to it. You may find the “New Year, new you” you’ve been searching for all these years.

Allie Burdick

Allie Burdick

Allie is a freelance writer, athlete and mom, but not in that order. Her work has appeared in Runner's World, Triathlon Magazine and ESPNW. On her blog, VITA Train for Life, she chronicles her life as a runner/triathlete and hopes her successes and failures help to motivate and inspire others, even the over-40 crowd she somehow found herself in! The rest of her time is spent raising her twin boys with her husband in the Northeast where they live a big life! See it all on Twitter and Instagram.