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These 4 Groups Make A Huge Difference Through Running

Photo: Girls on the Run International Facebook
Photo: Girls on the Run International Facebook

It’s that time of year when we make a list, check it twice and do a little shopping for ourselves in the process (how can turn down those great deals?). But if you find yourself swimming in leggings, sports bras and run tops there’s an alternative to gifting running gear and gadgets. The holidays are a great time to make a donation to a running-related charitable organization. There are countless deserving charities out there that are worthy of our support, here are four that are making a difference through running:

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run Girls on the Run is an amazing charity that uses running to help young girls establish a sense of self and develop healthy relationships with peers and family. “It’s a place where girls learn that they can. No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable.” To make a difference you can donate or volunteer at a local chapter. Find out how to get involved HERE.

Heart Strides

Heart Strides is an amazing charity meeting the needs of moms who are caring for a critically ill or special needs child. They provide new running shoes, giving these moms a chance to take care of themselves through running at a time when their focus is on caring for another. “In the midst of chaos, running allows me to be who I want to be for my son, leaving the stress and worry of things that I can’t fix for him on the pavement,” says a Heart Strides Mom. You can help a mom find relief from stress by making a donation HERE. Heart Strides also accepts gently used shoes and running gear.


HavASole founder Ricki Mendias lived in a shelter as a young boy and longed for a new pair of shoes. Now he’s gone back to the same community and helps provide shoes to homeless and disadvantaged. You can follow HavASole’s inspirational Instagram account (@havasole) to see how they are making a difference. And you can make a difference by making a donation of your used shoes. Click HERE for details.

Let Me Run

Similar to Girls on the Run, Let Me Run uses running to encouraged adolescent boys to become confident in their abilities and learn teamwork and relationship building skills. “We hope to reduce the challenges associated with a lack of emotional expression in pre-teen and teenage boys, which can lead to stress, sickness, disease, addiction, and violence.” You can help support the work of Let Me Run by volunteering or making a donation. Find out more HERE.

Run Far Girl

Run Far Girl

Sarah Canney is author of RunFarGirl.com, freelance writer, running coach and creator of Run Far Gear and Rise.Run.Retreat. After running on the roads for nearly 14 years, Sarah recently transitioned to trail and mountain running and is an avid snowshoe runner. She is mom to three little ones, whom she homeschools. Sarah is also a passionate fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock, where her son, Jack received care as an infant. After a nine-year battle with anorexia and bulimia, Sarah has reached a point of peace and freedom and openly shares her journey to recovery. You can also find Sarah on Twitter and Instagram as @runfargirl.