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3 Track Workouts To Get Faster, Run Longer And Lose Weight

This plan is best for a runner who wants to earn a new personal best in the 5K, 10K or half marathon. It’s also great if you simply want to get faster! The following workouts will prepare your body for speed.

Half-Mile Repeats (Weeks 1–3)

Intervals: 800 meters (2 laps) at a moderately hard effort
Recovery: After each 800, jog 400 meters (1 lap) at a comfortable effort.
Do 6 sets.

Week 4: Recovery Week

1-Mile Cut-Downs (Weeks 5–7)

Intervals: 1 mile (4 laps) with each lap at slightly harder effort than the last; aim to cut down 5 seconds per lap.
Recovery: After each mile, jog 400 meters at a comfortable effort.
Do 3 sets.

Week 8: Recovery Week.

Descending Ladder w/Bonus Mile (Weeks 9–11)

Intervals: 1 mile at comfortably hard effort; 800, 600 and 400 all at moderately hard effort; 1 mile at whatever you have left in the tank.
Recovery: After each interval, jog 400 meters at a comfortable effort. Do 1 set each week, with the goal of running slightly faster each week.

Week 12: Recovery Week.

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