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3 Track Workouts To Get Faster, Run Longer And Lose Weight

Stomping ground of the fastest humans in the world, the track is designed to showcase speed. However, the oval isn’t just for Olympians gunning to shoot down world records. It’s also a perfect place to go after your personal goals. Whether you are itching to get faster, run longer or lose a few pounds, we have a track workout to help you nab gold.

These workouts follow the “introduce, improve, perfect” cycle. You will do the same track workout (or workouts) once a week for three weeks, followed by a recovery week, before moving on to the next workout. You will notice that each week the workout feels a bit better. After you introduce (week one), you’ll improve (week two) before finally perfecting (you guessed it: week three). In three weeks, you will be ready to move on to a more challenging workout.

More experienced runners can add one or two more reps each time you revisit a workout. For example, do 8×100 meters the first time, 10×100 meters the second time and 12×100 meters the third time. One last thing before you dig in: Always remember to spend at least 15 minutes warming up and cooling down before and after a track workout.

Recovery Week (Follow for All Plans)

Do easy running all week and include 1 recovery workout.
Recovery Workout
Intervals: 50–100 meters (approximately 40 seconds) of faster running
Recovery: Go the same distance at an easy pace. Do 8–10 sets after a good 20–30 minute warm-up and follow it up with some cool-down miles.

Want an extra weekly speed workout?
If you like the routine of doing two workouts a week, try making one of them a recovery workout. It should come later in the week and be less physically demanding than the more challenging workout. A recovery workout wakes up your legs and gets your heart pumping but doesn’t leave you feeling fatigued.

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