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34 Thoughts A Marathoner Has During Mile 1 Of Every Run

Five minutes before I head out for a run my feelings are typically one of two extremes. I am either feeling…
…excitementThis is going to be great. I’m so happy I get to go for a run!
…or dreadThis is going to be terrible. I’m *insert excuse of the day: tired, hungry, not in the mood.

I hit start on my Garmin and take those first ever important steps. Some days those steps are creaky and my legs feel heavy and tired. Other days I’m Tigger and my legs spring with every step. I convince myself that other runners feel great from the first breath, and it’s just me. Speaking of breath—I’m out of it. Sigh. Why is it that even though I can run for hours, those first minutes of a run make me feel like I’m in the worst shape of my life?

While I’ve never regretted a run ever, the first mile of any run is typically the worst mile. A mile that makes me doubt my abilities and question my love of running.

This is what my thoughts look like the first mile of every run.

  1. I don’t like this.
  2. This is awesome.
  3. This is not fun.
  4. Did I lock the front door?
  5. Is that my neighbor up ahead?
  6. Please don’t let that be someone I know—I’m tired, hungry and not in the mood.
  7. Thank goodness it wasn’t my neighbor—she always looks so put together and well….I do not look put together.
  8. This is great.
  9. I feel good.
  10. I feel terrible.
  11. Why isn’t my watching beeping for the first mile?
  12. It’s definitely been a mile.
  13. Is this thing getting a signal?
  14. The first mile is the worst mile.
  15. Running is awesome.
  16. Ugh why do I run, this is hard.
  17. Let’s do this girl.
  18. You got this.
  19. Wait a second—did I put on Body Glide before I left?
  20. You are rocking this run.
  21. You are not rocking this run.
  22. I felt good 10 minutes ago, what gives?
  23. Okay, okay—you’ve got this.
  24. This is hard.
  25. This is freaking awesome.
  26. Man I love running.
  27. Mostly love running.
  28. I’ll love it even more when this run is finished.
  29. *Garmin Beeps!*
  30. Oh finally a mile.
  31. Oh yay a mile!
  32. I’m doing it.
  33. Take that.
  34. I love running.
Mile Posts

Mile Posts

Dorothy Beal is the creator of the #irunthisbody and #IHaveARunnersBody MOVEments and the owner of www.dreambigrunlong.com, a website that sells fun running tees and jewelry! She is a mother of three who started running in college as a way to lose weight literally and figuratively and got hooked in the process. In 2003 she completed her first marathon and has run 31 of them since. Sharing her passion for running is one of the things she most enjoys behind being a mom. You can find her writing about life as a runner on her personal blog at www.mile-posts.com and follow her on Instagram, where she shares her life in photos @mileposts.