Mobility And Stability Moves For 4 Key Parts Of Your Body

Whether you have hit 40 or not, you’re probably aware how your body becomes more troublesome as the years go by. Running is great for you at any age (thanks, weight-bearing exercise!), and a little extra attention toward whatever may be hampering your stride—no matter how old you are—will help you now and moving forward.

If your warm-up is on the skimpy side (or nonexistent) or your aging body doth protest about your running goals, try this assessment from the sports medicine company Acumobility to see how you measure up. You may be surprised about the kind of mobility you should have and don’t. Whether it’s your  hamstrings or hips, whatever is affecting your running form can lead to stride imbalances and injuries.

This four-part assessment looks at quads/hip flexors, hamstrings, outer hips and the thoracic spine. Begin by following the assessment stretch for each. If you notice a “failure,” complete each mobility and stability correction exercise before running—it’s like a personalized warmup routine. Reassess at least once a week as your mobility patterns change.