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8 Tips For Starting Your Own Running-Focused Instagram Account

It was mile 5 and I wanted to quit. The sun was blazing, the air was heavy; remind me why I do this again? I started to debate how I could walk off course and then make my way back to the start/finish line.

If I had let my body quit that day, the adventure of finding my way back to the start/finish line may have just taken longer than completing the race. That isn’t what kept me putting one foot in front of the other however, it was Instagram.

I joke at times that “I Ran It For The Insta” but sometimes Instagram really is what keeps me running. I don’t run for the head pats or the virtual cheers, but I’d be lying if I said that Instagram doesn’t keep me accountable. I didn’t want to post a picture that said I had DNF’ed my second race. I wanted to post a happy finisher’s photo and I did just that.

If you are in search of accountability, motivation or a community of like-minded people—Instagram is the place to be!

Starting a “running” Instagram is easy, but getting started may be a little confusing at first. Who do I follow, what hashtags do I use, and where do I find other runners who are looking for the same friendship, accountability and motivation?!

Here are my tips for getting your running focused Instagram up and running:

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