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You’ll Never Guess What This Tough Mudder Found In Her Clothes

You can’t really prepare for everything a Tough Mudder offers, so you learn to go with it. Each obstacle has its own twist and, with the right mindset, you call it fun and dive in. However, I didn’t expect that the final obstacle of Saturday’s Tough Mudder in Arizona would come as I was unpacking at home yesterday.

I had put my dirty clothes in a plastic bag to bring home in my suitcase. I poured them into a bucket and filled it with hot water in the tub—the first of many, many rinses before I could use the washing machine. After I pulled out the soaked clothing, I noticed something floating in the water. I felt as if I didn’t even want to know what that was, as I asked my husband, Jim, to go outside to dump the dirty water.

“That’s a scorpion!” he exclaimed. Whaaaat?

Yep, and it gets better…

As dear Jim brought it outside and put the critter on a table for me to take a photo (of course!), he found it was still alive. Whether it was the hot bath or the near suffocation in a plastic bag on the plane home, the scorpion was sluggish and didn’t seem to be thriving. Jim said he’d keep an eye on it as he sat down to read a book.

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I continued with the rinse regime and came back to see how the little land lobster was doing. But it wasn’t there! We both went into panic mode for a second until we saw it had moved from one side of the table to the other. Phew. Jim decided to prevent any further panic, if you know what I mean. And I went back inside.

Whether the hitchhiker came from Tough Mudder or the hotel is definitely a question. I like to think it wasn’t in my clothes when they were actually on me!

Nicki Miller

Nicki Miller

Nicki Miller is the managing editor for Women's Running and spearheads our nutrition coverage. She’s an avid runner but also loves cycling (both on and off-road), yoga and all kinds of crazy videos to do at home. Formerly the editor of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, Nicki started her journalism career at The Washington Post. Her first races were duathlons (run, bike, run) in her twenties with her husband, and then triathlons, completing the White Lake Half Ironman in North Carolina. Since joining Women’s Running in 2013, she’s been more focused on half marathons and trail running. Some of her proudest moments have been running the Boston Marathon (first 26.2), and becoming an RRCA certified running coach and helping others take up the sport.