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We Can’t Get Enough Of This Runner’s Style


Christine Bibbo Herr was always active, but she started running 15 years ago when her now husband bought her a pair of running shoes and invited her for a jog. When he came to pick Bibbo Herr up, the Manhattanite stepped out of her apartment wearing her new sneakers, a cotton hoodie and a pair of wide-leg jeans. She remembers, “He looked at me and said, ‘What are you wearing? Get those jeans off.’”

The self-proclaimed urban-fitness girl has come a long way since her Levi-wearing days. Over the course of the last decade and a half, Bibbo Herr cultivated a career as a fashion editor for numerous publications and completed the New York City Marathon—with an impressive 3:47! She now serves as a fashion, fitness and beauty blogger for her own site, NYC Pretty, and is currently training for a half marathon this spring.

Running-wear philosophy: Comfort first—with lots of color.

Jessica Sebor

Jessie Sebor is the Vice President of Women's Running at Competitor Group. After finishing her first marathon at age 18, Jessie has run everywhere from Singapore to Prague and competed in hundreds of races including the Boston Marathon and the Bare Dare, for which she won the title of National Nude Running Champion. Jessie’s work appears at ESPN.com, Ultrarunning Magazine and has been selected for Houghton Mifflin’s Best American Essays. A former romance novel editor, it’s at Women’s Running where her true passions lie. You can reach her at jsebor@competitorgroup.com.