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Funny Running Memes For Marathoners

Just try not to laugh at these perfect running memes. You know you’ve thought at least one of them.

Why do people ask this anyways? Do they want a real answer? My feet feel like they might fall off. That’s how I feel.

Funnie 2
BE HONEST, we all have done it at some point.

Funnie 3
How many miles is this marathon?

Funnie 4
The struggle of the last 1.2 is real, amiright?!?

Funnie 5
Crazy things marathon runners say.

Funnie 6
The struggle is real.

Funnie 7 (1)
What to do when that person tells you, “Just you wait, it will happen to you.

Funnie 8
Winter priorities.

Funnie 9
If my best running friend doesn’t like you, well…..

Funnie 10
This. Every single race.

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Mile Posts

Mile Posts

Dorothy Beal is the creator of the #irunthisbody and #IHaveARunnersBody MOVEments and the owner of, a website that sells fun running tees and jewelry! She is a mother of three who started running in college as a way to lose weight literally and figuratively and got hooked in the process. In 2003 she completed her first marathon and has run 31 of them since. Sharing her passion for running is one of the things she most enjoys behind being a mom. You can find her writing about life as a runner on her personal blog at and follow her on Instagram, where she shares her life in photos @mileposts.