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The Differences Between Running Buddies And Other Friends

There’s an indestructible bond between you and your running buddy. Mile after mile, she’s always willing to go the distance, understanding you on a different level—it’s like you’re “solemates” (pun intended). They are there for you through various pains and victories, and while this is true in a more figurative way for friends, there are differences between a running buddy and your non-running friends.

“A running buddy is more than just someone who runs next to you. A running buddy is someone who pushes you, motivates you and supports you through all the joys and struggles of running,” shares bRUNch Running co-founder Cortney Logan. “A regular friend [might not] always understand the ‘running addiction’ as runners are so often accused of having, but a running buddy understands all too well. They understand the need, the desire, and the passion to run.”

With a running buddy, you can ask them to sign up for a half and the first response is usually, “Sure, what weekend?!” Asking a friend to run a half? “How many miles is that?” Or “Ha, you’re nuts,” are usually two variations of responses. Running buddies just get the addiction. Friends will always support you no matter how miles you log, but might not understand the need for speed on the same level.

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“It doesn’t matter how infrequently you see your running buddy sometimes. As soon as you lace up those shoes and hit the trail, it’s like you haven’t missed a beat and you pick up right where you left off,” says Jaci Dick, a bRUNch ambassador.

Here are some of other main differences between spending time with a run bud and hanging out with your other friends:

Friends support you.
Running buddies run with you.

Friends will listen to your woes.
Running buddies will understand them.

Friends will wonder why you’re going to run 26.2 miles.
Running buddies will high-five you and revel in your accomplishment.

Friends might suggest pasta to “carbo load” the night before.
Running buddies might understand better than just “carbo loading” is a thing of the past. (You need protein!)

Friends offer you a beer before a race.
Running buddies offer you a beer after the finish line. In the beer garden. Filled with other runners.

Friends will follow your race destinations on Instagram.
Running buddies will run a destination race with you.

“You don’t plan traditional, relaxing vacations with running buddies. You plan trips around races! And then relax after,” says Dick.

Regardless, every runner needs a friend and running buddy during any running journey. Each adds support and motivation to carry you from start to finish.

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Fara Rosenzweig

Fara Rosenzweig

Fara Rosenzweig is a writer, editor, and certified personal trainer. She got her first taste of the gym at age 14 and fell in love with the fitness crowd. After suffering a back injury her freshman year of college, she had to set her ballet slippers aside and rehab her back. That’s when she found her passion for teaching fitness and helping others challenge themselves. Her senior year of college she ran in her first 5K and traded her ballet slippers for the latest (and brightest) pair of running shoes. Fara loves talking health, sports and fitness with any one and everyone. Her love for storytelling earned her an Emmy Award and has been seen in many other publications, such as Refinery29,, MyFitnessPal and Health.