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50 Life Lessons Learned On The Run

1. The first step is the hardest.

2. There is no second step without the first.

3. Things can always be worse.

4. Look up—nature is talking.

5. There are no shortcuts in life worth taking. You can’t get to mile 20 without running the 19 before it.

6. When in doubt, run it out.

7. Life is not fair. Learn to handle it.

8. Our bodies are capable of amazing things. Treat yours kindly.

9. Comparison is the thief of joy, whether it’s a comparison to someone else or a former version of yourself.

10. Make sure the shoe fits.

11. When you need to go, you should go.

12. A runner is someone who runs. If you want to be a runner, run.

13. You are stronger than you think.

14. Running is about so much more than just running.

15. You rarely ever get to a point where you can’t take just one more step.

16. Family matters.

17. The rising sun is a gift. The gift of another day full of promise.

18. You perform better when you feel confident.

19. Water is essential to life. Drink it, swim in it, jump over it. Never let it stop you from running.

20. Intrinsic motivation will keep you going longer.

21. Friends come and go. That’s okay.

22. When you die, they will not list your PRs in your eulogy. What will be talked about are the memories you made with friends and family along the way.

23. Some days you pee your pants. It could be worse.

24. Go for a run before making any major life decisions.

25. The friendships made over miles run deeper and longer.

26. Help others.

27. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Always give someone the benefit of the doubt.

28. Run a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge their paths.

29. Don’t waste your life.

30. Wear practical shoes.

31. You are never too old to start.

32. There will always be someone better. It’s not about being better. It’s about being YOU.

33. Occasionally things won’t make sense.

34. Don’t write your story before you have lived it.

35. Your children are only little once.

36. Breaks do not mean you are broken.

37. Listen to your footsteps.

38. Leave a lasting mark.

39. You will never regret taking the high road.

40. You are allowed to say no.

41. If you make a mistake, apologize and move forward. If someone can’t forgive you that’s more about them than you.

42. You are what you eat.

43. If you want a different life, live life differently.

44. Less is more.

45. You don’t get re-do’s but you can do better.

46. Try, try again.

47. Don’t give up on life or yourself.

48. Breakthroughs happen.

49. Always show up and give your best.

50. Life is short. Dream Big Run Long.

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Dorothy Beal is a mother of three little kids and loves just about anything and everything related to running. She is the creator of #irunthisbody and #dreambigrunlong and sells T-shirts at Dorothy started running in college as a way to lose weight literally and figuratively, and got hooked in the process. In 2003 she completed her first marathon and has run 30 of them since—taking her time from a 4:20 to a 3:11. She has been seen on the cover of Women's Running and Competitor Magazines and was featured in the Saucony Find Your Strong campaign. In 2014 Competitor Magazine named her one of 20 Runners You Should Follow On Social Media. Sharing her passion for running is one of the things she most enjoys behind being a mom. She's an ambassador for Garmin, Sparkly Soul Headbands and Nancy Rose Performance. You can find her writing about running and life on her personal blog at