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9 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Running Date

There comes a time in every single runner’s life when they end up on a running date. Yes, you read that correctly. Running dates are a real thing and I too was horrified when I first heard about them. The first time I got asked out on a running date, I literally said, “You mean run? On the date? I thought you liked me? Why would you do that to me?” But in my defense, I had never run with someone in my life! After some thought, I gave it a shot and…well…the date was just okay. But a year and a handful of running dates later, I am now a huge fan! Here are 9 reasons why you should go on a running date ­

1. Running dates are convenient!

Source: CBS/Conan

Source: CBS/Conan

What’s that? Dating isn’t supposed to be convenient, you say? Tell that to online dating! If you’re running regularly, chances are you haven’t had free time in months. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than to take your dating life on the run with you? (Very Bonnie and Clyde! Without the murdering and the stealing…)

2. You have similar interests!

Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Do you want to know who won’t mind being woken up at 5 or 6 in the morning when you have to get to a starting line or go on your long run? Your boyfriend or girlfriend who is running with you! Date a runner! They get it! The couple that runs together, wakes up early together.

3. You’ve already seen each other look disgusting.

Hot Mess, Mindy Project

Source: Fox

Why wait until the first sleepover to see your significant other in their best/worst light? Start off sweaty, nasty and makeup-free. There is no where to go but up! But seriously, it’s liberating when you don’t spend ages doing your hair and makeup so you can impress someone. A little tinted sunscreen and waterproof mascara and you’re GOOD TO GO!

4. Your clothing options are limited.

What To Wear

Source: Columbia Pictures/Tumblr

How many times have you stood in front of your closet, stressed and overwhelmed because you couldn’t figure out what to wear? Chances are you have maybe 10 running outfits and most of them probably look the same. Just wear your favorite shirt, your most supportive sports bra and your most comfortable bottoms and call it a day. You can’t go wrong.

TIP: Race day rules apply! Nothing new! Fight the urge to go out and buy a new top! Actually, who am I kidding? Go for it! Treat yourself!

5. You won’t feel self conscious about making the first move!

Aziz Ansari, First Move

Source: Christine Hardtman/BuzzFeed

If you’re the type of girl who has never asked someone out on a date, you will be amazed at how easy it is to ask someone on a running date. (Beware of accidentally putting your prospective date in the “running buddy zone” because you got to0 nervous to actually ask them out…not that I’ve done that…) Take a spin wearing the running tights in the relationship and make the first move!

6. You have an easy out if the date goes poorly!

Bad Date

Source: NBC

We’ve all been on dates when you know you’re not interested but you’re too polite to end it early! Play the emergency, “Ugh oh! My stomach’s acting funny—gotta go!” card. No runner will ever second guess another runner who has to go to the bathroom. You can literally run away from your bad date and not feel bad about it! Or you can be mature and say you’re better off as running buddies…your call.

7. You can easily change the subject if someone says something…well…odd.

Friends, Awkward Moment

Source: NBC

So your nerves get the best of you and you accidentally bring up your ex or your 6 cats. Instead of awkwardly laughing and enduring a soul crushing gap in conversation, SUGGEST A LITTLE RACE! I guarantee that you and your date will immediately forget the slip up and will focus on winning! Don’t sweat the small talk. (See what I did there? SWEAT! Because you’re running!)

8. You get to show off!

Parks & Recreation, Show off, Tom Haverford

Source: NBC

No one wants to sound braggy on a date, but it’s okay to talk about your running accomplishments should the topic come up. It’s cool that you’ve both run half marathons or marathons! It shows that you’re goal-oriented and have something in common! Just keep it fun! Don’t leave your date with a bruised ego. It’s a date, not a competition.

Tip: Play to your strengths on your running date! If you haven’t run 5 miles in months, don’t agree to a 5 mile run.

9. You won’t feel insecure about inhaling a post run meal.

Food Parks & Recreation Post-Run Meal

Source: NBC

Not that any of you would feel insecure anyways because girls can eat, but the best part about a running date is the post-run meal! Nothing says romance and attraction like watching your sweaty date eat a cheeseburger or 4 slices of pizza. That, my friends, is true love.

So stop googling whether or not a running date is a good idea. IT’S A GREAT IDEA. You love running and your date loves running. What could possibly go wrong!?! Tripping, snot rockets, runner’s trots, not being able to keep up, sweating way too much…should I keep going?

OK, so running dates aren’t very glamorous. Honestly, that’s why I love them! You’re both runners! The normal dating rules don’t apply here. Just keep it slow, keep it casual, and call the shots. Don’t be afraid to suggest a walking break if someone is having a hard time chatting. And most importantly, have fun! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.

Run Selfie Repeat

Run Selfie Repeat

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