Training Tips And A Simple 10K Training Plan

10K training program with cross-training

“This is an example of one of my plans for a 50-year-old woman I helped train for a 10K,” Goldstein says.

Monday: interval training on a 400m track

Warm-up: 3 to 4 laps

Workout: 4 x 1000 meters (1K) about 20 sec faster than goal race pace
Shorter version:  4 x 400m

Cool-down: 2K easy

Tuesday: cross-train

Suggestion: Ride a bike at a high speed to flush out the legs.

Wednesday: trial 10K

Workout: Run comfortable up to 10K distance with similar terrain as race day. Test out your fuel and wear your gear to avoid any race-day mishaps.

Thursday: active recovery day

Suggestions: Swim easy, bike easy, take a yoga class, stretch

Friday: interval training on trails

Workout: 8K run with hills. Take it easy on the downhill portions.

Saturday: long-distance day

Workout: Run long 10-15 seconds slower than goal race pace

Sunday: rest

Suggestions: Give your legs a break. Stretch, foam roll or get a massage.