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How To Throw A Runner’s Cocktail Hour

After an evening run, hosting a post-workout cocktail party is a great way to wind down! It’s easiest if you have one fancy cocktail to anchor the festivities. A make-your-own-mojito bar allows guests to make the classic mojito—rum, lime, mint and soda—or try mixing and matching with fruit for added nutrition and deliciousness. For those who haven’t previously made a mojito, it’s helpful if someone demonstrates to show how to use a muddler, which gently mashes and draws flavor from the fruit and mint. Here’s the basic set-up and ingredients you’ll need. Have fun!


Limes: You’ll need lots of them. Juice in juicer or press and place in 2 quart-size mason jars or pitchers. Chill until ready. (Do not be tempted to use a bottled lime juice!)

Mint: You’ll also need lots of fresh mint, 3 or 4 large bunches. Wash, dry with paper towels and place in a wide bowl. Refrigerate wrapped in paper towels, until ready.

Simple syrup: Combine 3 cups sugar with 3 cups boiling water and stir until clear. Cool, and store in 2 quart-size mason jars or pitchers. Label.

Rum: Buy a few bottles of your favorites. Light (white) rum here is slightly preferable to a dark rum.

St-Germain liqueur: A splash works especially well with the fruit-enhanced mojitos.

Fruit: Set out 2 or 3 varieties, such as strawberries, blackberries, cherries, kiwi, pineapple, peaches or apricots. Prep by rinsing and either pitting or hulling. Some sliced cucumbers also work nicely.


Your prepped ingredients: bowls of fruit and mint, and jars or pitchers of lime juice and simple syrup

Ice buckets: 1 or 2, filled

Bottles: Spirits plus club soda or sparkling water

Glasses: The best glass is a mojito or Collins glass, straight and tall, yet wide enough for muddling.

Other equipment: 3 or 4 muddlers, long bar spoons in a mason jar and a few jiggers for measuring

2 laminated copies: Many Miles Mojito recipe

If mojitos aren’t your thing, try our recipes for banana margaritas, basil gimlets, cucumber herb fizz, or oyster shooters.

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