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3 Ways to Lace Up Your Running Shoes

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Shoelaces come untied, loosen, bind and can be a knot in your stride. Too loose makes for sloppy striding, too tight and shoes bind and pinch. Here are three lacing methods to keep you running in your sweet spot. (Our step-by-step directions come from Ian’s Shoelace Site.)

Lydiard Lacing
(also known as “straight bar lacing” or “parallel lacing”)

Try this: if the top of your shoes feel tight or bind.

• Begin straight across on the outside and go in through the bottom eyelet.

• The left lace end runs straight up on the inside, and then goes straight across on the outside.

• Both lace ends run straight up the inside, each skipping an eyelet.

• Both lace ends continue straight across on the outside and in through the adjacent eyelets.

• Alternate until lacing is completed.

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Allison Pattillo

Allison Pattillo

Allison played field hockey and golf while growing up, but always ran “just for the fun of it.” She completed and won her age group in her very first race, a 5K, when she was 26 so that she would at least know how to pin on her number before running her first marathon a month later. Those two races turned into dozens, from mile long sprints to ultras, running to triathlon with some ski and snowshoe racing mixed in as well. After earning a Boston qualifier and completing her first IRONMAN 140.6, this mother of two is now focused on seeing how much she can better her 3:48 PB marathon time, running the World Marathon Majors (Boston and Tokyo are in the books!) and tackling a 50-miler.