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This Is What The Brain Of A Procrastinating Runner Sounds Like

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com

While you might start most days with the best of intentions for your workout, every once in a while the follow-through just isn’t there. But that doesn’t stop you from trying to convince yourself that you will make it out to run. On those days when your key run just isn’t going to happen, does your inner monologue go a little something like this?

Before getting up…

1. Ok! Time for a fresh start! A new leaf! It’s going to be my year! My alarm is set, my cute new outfit is laid out, my water bottle is chilling in the fridge. My workouts are penciled into my calendar for the entire month, so there will no excuses. This is going to be amazing!

2. Hmm. I really thought it would be lighter out when my alarm went off. I’ll just hit the snooze button for 15 minutes. I can’t run in the dark after all. I need my vitamin D.

After getting up…

3. Alright, yes, definitely ready to get up. Just going to have a couple bites of banana and some water and get to work. Actually maybe a few sips of coffee too, I’m always hearing about studies that show that caffeine can help you work out harder. I’ll give it 20 minutes to kick in, and then watch out world, I’m coming for ya. While I wait I’ll just have a quick handful of cereal. It’s going to be a killer workout and I’ll need the fuel.

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4. It’s actually not too smart to work out on a full stomach. I’ll just pack my gym bag and go all out during my lunch hour. Better to get everything done during the work day and have my mornings and evenings completely free.

After eating…

5. So with how long it will take me to change and shower and change again, I really won’t have enough time to get in a good workout. Makes so much more sense to get it in after work. Plus think of all the endorphins and energy boost I’ll have for the rest of the night!

After work, at the gym…

6. Here we go! At the gym, ready to kick butt and take names. Hmm, there really are a lot of people here. Is that an actual line to get a treadmill? I’ll just stretch over here by the TV for a minute. Don’t want to get started on something else and miss my turn.

7. Got distracted watching the TV. Damn you, E! News. Seems like the treadmill line has gotten even longer. I don’t have all night here. Think I’ll head home where I can really concentrate and do one of my workout DVDs.

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After the gym, at home…

8. I really have a lot of DVDs. What am I in the mood for? I could go for some good old cardio, but strength is so important too. Didn’t I have a boot camp one here somewhere? Where are my free weights??

9. Crap, its 9 o’clock already? Scandal is on. Can’t skip it or I’ll have to face some major spoilers tomorrow. I’ll watch and do squats and crunches during commercials.

After “Scandal”…

10. OMG the show was so good that I had to use commercial time to tweet my commentary. I’ll do three sun salutations before bed and be fresh for tomorrow’s workout. It’s going to be amazing!

Alison Barsalona is a stay-at-home mom to one baby and one beagle.  She is working on getting her running and fitness groove back and perfecting the art of the jogging stroller.
Alison Barsalona

Alison Barsalona

Alison Barsalona started running when her best friend decided they should join the cross-country team in high school. After trading running for the equestrian team in college, she found her way back to the treadmill when she realized her gym subscribed to Bravo and Food Network. She's lived in six states and always finds the best routes to run in each new town as soon as she moves in (right after finding the best pizza place). A new mom, she now lives in Delaware and is busy perfecting the art of the jogging stroller.