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5 TRX Moves To Strengthen Running Form

Photo: Blake Kasemeier

Faster, efficient and pain-free running starts with better mechanics. By integrating these moves into your non-running training, it will help you reset and rebuild your form, so you can do what you love longer and better.The TRX Suspension Trainer is used by the world’s most elite athletes, top celebrities, as well as everyday people who want to pursue their better. The TRX can be secured to a door, tree, or pull-up bar, ensuring that strength training can be a part of your routine whether you are at home, outside, or on the road.

Bottom Up Squat

Logic: Improve mobility in the hips and ankles while warming up the entire body for any training session. This exercise also teaches you how to engage your core and arms to improve your running posture, which is key for efficient breathing and arm drive.

Set Up: Stand facing the anchor point holding the TRX handles in front of you with your feet about hip width apart. Squat down and curl yourself up with your arms. Hop around a little until you get in a position where you feel like you could let go of the Suspension Trainer and you wouldn’t fall back.

Movement: Brace your core and drive through your feet to stand up. As you stand up, rotate your palms around until you are performing a triceps press.Reestablish your plank at the top of your squat.

Return: Lower your hips down and back to return to the bottom of the squat.

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