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Outdoor/Indoor Workout Swaps: Intervals to Form Drills

So your training plan says you have an interval workout today. But what if the local track is covered in snow or a trip to the gym to run on the treadmill is not an option? It’s time to swap your outdoor repeats for a heart pumping indoor session.

Try this form drill circuit to replicate the feeling of running intervals.
For other Indoor/Outdoor Workout Swaps, try these Plyometric moves that mimic hill repeats!

Outside: High-Intensity Intervals
Inside: Form Drills

Track work, or high-intensity intervals, includes short bursts of speed. This is a runner’s workout gem for getting more speedy.

It’s tough to replicate the aerobic intensity of a track workout indoors—but you can still focus on another way of lowering your race times with form drills!

You need…
Your runner self!

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