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Hilly 5K Training Plan

Training Key for Hilly 5K Plan

CLICK HERE for the Hilly 5K Training Plan

Easy Run + Flex: Run at an easy effort on flat terrain and finish with stretching or foam rolling.

Green Hill: The goal here is to learn to run hills efficiently—slower on the way up, and faster on the way down working with the flow of terrain. Find a hilly route of the indicated distance and focus on maintaining as even an effort as possible the entire run.

Red Hill Repeats: This true hill workout is a toughie.

  1. Warm up by walking and running easy for 10 minutes on flat terrain.
  2. Find a moderately steep hill (outside or on a treadmill). Run up the hill for 60 seconds at a very hard effort.
  3. Jog very easy going back down the hill, or at a 0 percent incline on the treadmill for 2 minutes and repeat as many times as indicated.

Hill Climbers: This workout includes longer, more moderate hill climbs that build strength and endurance.

  1. Warm up by walking and running easily for 10 minutes.
  2. Run up a hill for 3 minutes at a moderately difficult effort (you should be able to hear your breathing, but you’re not gasping for air).
  3. Recover by jogging down (or jogging easy) for about 3 minutes. Repeat as many times as indicated.

Race Simulation: This workout will help you get in tune with how your body should feel during a race. You’ll run this on flat terrain. Leave the Garmin at home (or just use it to track your distance) and focus on effort, not pace.

  1. Run the first 2 miles at an easy effort.
  2. Run miles 2 to 4 at a moderately hard effort.
  3. Run the final mile at a very hard effort.

Stairs + ST 30/30 Minutes: Hit the stair climber (or a nearby stadium). Climb stairs at a moderate effort for 30 minutes. Follow with a 30-minute total body strength workout (yoga, Pilates, body strength, kettlebell or weights).

Easy Cycle + ST 30/30 Minutes: Ride a bike (indoors or outdoors) at an easy effort for 30 minutes and follow with a 30-minute total body strength workout (yoga, Pilates, body strength, kettlebell or weights).

Rest or Restorative Yoga: A complete rest day or very light flexibility session.

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