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Above or Below Freezing: What to Wear on Winter Runs

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If you’re forgoing the comfortable temperatures of your gym this Winter, that can mean dealing with a lot of snow, ice, hail, rain, and sleet. Winter running has just as many challenges as running in extreme heat, but with the right gear, you’ll stay warm, dry, and comfortable.

Your comfort level depends on many factors, including how fast you’re running, how comfortable you are in the cold, and how long your run is, so your perfect Winter outfit may differ. However, below are good rules of thumb for dressing for Winter running, whether it’s in snowy, freezing conditions or slighter warmer temps.

When It’s 32 Degrees or Below

When It’s Above 32 Degrees

If temperatures are chilly where you live but haven’t hit that freezing mark, you still need to dress for the weather. But while all of the above are Winter essentials in snow country, layering that much on your body in 40-degree weather can lead to a sweaty, uncomfortable run. Dressing like it’s 20 degrees warmer than it is will help ensure you don’t over-layer. With that said, here are some guidelines for those (relatively) warmer Winter runs.

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