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The Athlete’s Cleanse

If you’re feeling bogged down by a few too many ice cream sundaes and margaritas, a cleanse can be just the thing to steer your nutrition back on a healthy course. But a runner needs more than a cooler full of green juice to get her through the day.

Lisa Odweller, founder of Beaming, a San Diego-based superfood company, says, “Cleanses are a great way to reset your habits—but many of the cleanses out there is they are filled with too much fruit sugar and not enough protein, fiber and nutrients.”

To answer this issue, Odweller, with the help of a team of nutritionists, developed a cleanse that’s tai-ored for athletes and offers roughly 1,400 calories a day with the option of adding extra snacks as needed. While Beaming sells a packaged version on their website, Odweller revealed the secret ingredients for an at-home version of this runner-friendly cleanse!

Runner Tested!

Our editor in chief, Jessie, tried the Beaming cleanse for three days. She loved: getting so many vitamins and nutrients. But she missed: caffeine! “I was able to run all three days and I wasn’t hungry—but visions of iced coffee definitely danced in my head. My favorite part was that the morning after I finished the cleanse—when I could eat whatever I wanted—I still craved a cold green juice, not my normal go-to breakfast of almond butter toast. The cleanse taught me that you can modify your behavior and even your taste buds in a short period of time.”

*If you are training for or just finished a long goal race, now is not the time to cleanse! Save it for after you’ve rewarded yourself for your big race.

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