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Best Abs Ever With These 8 Exercises

What’s the very best exercise to get strong, flat abs? If you answered, “crunches,” you’re wrong.

Crunches and situps may be the most popular movements for your middle—but they’re not the most effective and can be downright dangerous.

Research from top spine specialist Dr. Stuart McGill shows that crunches are one of the main causes of back injuries in athletes. According to McGill, bending your back puts a huge amount of pressure on discs and threatens to throw your spine out of alignment.

So what should you do instead? McGill recommends stabilization exercises that help you maintain a neutral (i.e., straight) spine. These eight moves will help you run faster and more efficiently, while avoiding back pain and whittling a chiseled belly.

Belly First
The core is commonly the weakest area for many runners- but it can make a big difference in speed, form, and performance. Train it before you head out for a run or during your strength training workout, not at the end. It is a priority, so prioritize it.

Workout Guidelines
Perform all exercises as a circuit. Once you finish the Forward Ball Roll, rest for 1 to 2 minutes and repeat if desired. Complete 1 to 3 circuits total.

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