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Run, Mom, Run!

Finding the time, energy and motivation to run is tough for anyone. Add a baby to the mix and it can seem nearly impossible. But running moms know the benefits are worth the effort- from keeping your energy up and demonstrating a positive attitude for your kids to finding a bit of “me time” and losing the final pounds of baby weight. So we asked running mamas, including elite runners with children, busy celebrity moms and regular parents (with no coaches or live-in nannies) for their tips on how they make running and motherhood work for them.

Stay Active While Expecting

Olympic marathoner Kara Goucher ran during her entire pregnancy—including the day she went into labor! “It was a pretty slow shuffle, but my legs became stronger because of the extra weight,” she says, which “made it so much easier to come back.” Very few of us are world-class marathoners, but most of us can stay active during pregnancy, says Dr. Quinn. “A woman may be able to run throughout pregnancy as long as there are no complications,” she says. Make sure to get clearance from your OB first.

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