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Quick Strength Training for Runners

Let’s face it: Not all runners love strength training. If you’re like most runners, you would rather lace up your shoes and hit a beautiful trail than sweat in a stuffy gym. You didn’t become a runner to spend more time indoors!

But to run strong and improve your speed, you need to take your workouts into the weight room. Strength training—the right kind of strength training—will make you a faster, more injury-resistant runner.

These exercises were chosen specifically to deliver what runners need most: core stability, muscular balance and complex movement. Perform these exercises together for a complete workout, or mix and match them to get stronger from head to toe.

There is a beginner and advanced variation to suit whatever your fitness level may be currently. Start with the basic version and eventually transition to the advanced. Remember, there is no need to rush this process—as long as you are challenging yourself, you’re improving!

Excerpted from Jeff Horowitz’s Quick Strength for Runners, which is filled with tips for finding your way around a weight room (or your living room).

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