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Outsider- the Weather App for Runners

The experience of getting ready to run in the summer isn’t complete without multiple checks of the pre-run forecast. This seasons  presents a myriad of weather challenges.  We’re constantly debating how heat, humidity and storms could affect our workouts.

The Weather Channel once again comes to the rescue. They have combined the GPS capabilities of a running app with their weather expertise to create the Outsider App.

Like other running apps, Outsider uses GPS to track runs. Data can be saved to analyze later. The app also remembers running courses so runners can compete against yourself.

What sets the Outsider app apart is the use of Weather Channel’s propriety Run Weather Index (RWI). The RWI uses factors such as air quality, humidity, temperature, wind, precipitation, cloud cover and rain to find your optimal run conditions. Runners can personalize the app with details such as height, weight, and typical mileage. You can also indicate how much certain weather conditions impact your runs. Using these factors, the app can forecast the ideal time to run with their 48-hour and 10 day forecasts.

Basically you can give up the pre-run ritual of refreshing the Weather Channel website and app every five minutes to find the best time to runn. Let the Outsider app do it for you!

The Outsider app is available for free for iPhone or iPad.

Have you used the Outsider app? Let us know what you think of it! Tweet us @womensrunning.