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Park It, Sister!

Summer is here, It’s time to soak in some sunshine while you whip your winter bod into summer shape. This outdoor workout is the perfect complement to your running routine. Body-weight exercises will make your stride stronger while toning muscles from head to toe. Plus, playing in the grass is way more fun than sweating in the gym—with the added benefit of vitamin D!

These exercises utilize only basic park equipment. All you’ll need is a bench or picnic table, a grassy hill and your own body weight. Perform each of the following exercises in a row, giving yourself 30 to 60 seconds rest between each. Repeat the circuit once, twice or three times depending on how hard you want to work!


(A) Find a grassy hill and get on your hands and feet (not knees) in a crouched position. Crawl up the hill while keeping your hips down and core engaged. (B) After 20 “steps” up, hit reverse and crawl backward down the hill. This should be slow and controlled the first few times you do it. As you get more coordinated at crawling, you can pick up your speed.

Baby Steps
We crawled before we walked (and walked before we ran), so mixing the all-fours motion into your workouts helps strengthen fundamental muscles. And even though a toddler can do it, it’s harder than you think. The first time you try to crawl, you may feel awkward. Each time you do it you’ll feel more natural, eventually being able to control your body with ease. Use it as part of your go-to warm-up or strength routine.

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