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15 Minute Workouts

If you’re like most runners, there are days when you just don’t have enough time to do the workout you had planned. The question then becomes: Should I try to squeeze in something super short—or not even bother?

The answer? Any run is better than nothing! Even a 15-minute shuffle can clear your mind for the rest of the day. And the physical benefits of a quarter-hour workout are more substantial than you think. If you do just two 15-minute runs each week instead of taking the days off, you will run an extra 26 hours in one year. That’s enough to drop nearly five pounds!

To get the most out of very short runs, you need to give each of them a specific purpose and vary the format from one to the next. Here are five purposeful baby runs to try when time is of the essence.


Even elite runners do 15-minute runs! It’s commonplace for professional athletes to do a short jog (or shakeout) early in the morning before a race. But shakeout runs can serve other purposes. They’re great for loosening up the legs after a long drive, releasing mental tension after a tough day at work or even cruising around the airport while waiting for a connecting flight!

Do it!
The format couldn’t be simpler: Just run for 15 minutes or so at an easy-to-moderate effort.

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