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Bosom Buddies: Sports Bra Reviews

Finding the perfect partner can be a difficult task. There are so many choices! You can go sleek with a barely there feel, supportive with a little bonus padding or risqué with wires, extra straps and zippers—you do realize we’re talking about sports bras, right?

From banning bounce to hiding high beams, running bras have a lot of work to do. But our testers persevered to find the best-fitting bras from A to DD (and beyond!). A spring in your step is a good thing, but when it comes to your chest, it’s all about minimizing motion.

Know Your Size

You may have heard this stat before: Experts estimate that 85 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. Even if you think you’re measurement is on the money, it can’t hurt to double-check. It’s preferable to be fitted by a pro, but if you’d prefer the DIY approach, use this method…

Put on a normal bra with thin fabric and find your tape measure.

Exhale and wrap the tape measure around your ribs, just under your breasts.

Round this measurement down to the nearest inch and use it to find your band size in the table below.

Wrap the tape measure around your back to meet your breasts at the nipple to measure the fullest area of your bust.

Subtract your rib cage from your bust measurement, rounding up to the nearest inch . Use the difference to find your cub size in the table below.

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