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Mane Tame

Actress Renée Zellweger co-hosted the 6th Annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women 5K to benefit breast cancer research.

A few things are on our list of running-related pet peeves…

#1– Awkwardly jogging around in a circle as we wait for the streetlight to change.
#2– Our phone dying mid-run in the middle of our favorite jam.
#3– Sweaty hair that sticks to our cheeks as we’re hitting our stride.

We can’t help crosswalk protocol and we’re still waiting for Apple to upgrade that battery life—but luckily, we’ve found a few excellent accessories to keep those strands in check. Here are our top-performing favorites for every cut.


Problem: Your cropped ’do makes styling a breeze—but it’s too short to throw back into a pony or braid.

Goody Colour Collection Contour Clips
Go retro with the same clips you wore during recess. They work like a charm—and are just as affordable as when you were a kid.

Headsweats Race Hat
Short hair can expose more of your scalp to the elements than other styles. Protect yourself from the sun and wind with a cap made of light, breathable material. We love that this one’s washable!

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