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3 Quick And Effective Arm Workouts From The Experts

Running isn’t just about having strong legs. Strength in arm muscles is just as important. Strong arms can combat fatigue while running and prevent imbalances in form.

These exercises are quick but effective. You’ll get out of the gym in a hurry while getting in a great workout. Pair them with our expert ab routine!

Dr. John Ball’s Pick: Band Pull-Apart

(a) Holding one end of a resistance band in each hand, stand tall with your arms out in front at chest height.

(b) Pull the band apart until you make a “T” with your arms extended at your side. Hold position, count-ing backward from 10. Return to the starting point for a short break. Repeat, starting at nine. Continue countdowns all the way to one.

Dr. John Ball, chiropractic sports physician and founder of Maximum Mobility in Phoenix, Ariz., has worked with elite track athletes such as Lauren Fleshman. 

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