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Your Running Life: Mind Games

Understand the connection between your noggin and your footsies.

Is Running More Mental or Physical?

50% mental, 50% physical
“I believe running is equal parts. You’ve got to physically put in the work necessary to run well, but you also have to believe in the work you’re doing, otherwise the physical work is futile.”
— Mario Fraioli, Olympic coach

60% mental, 40% physical
“I would say the percentage of mental strength necessary goes above that of physical ability.”
— Alysia Montaño, five-time USA Outdoor Track & Field 800-meter champion

100% mental (sometimes)
“If an athlete has done everything she can to physically prepare for the race, the race becomes 100 percent mental. My Olympic Trials win was 100 percent mental. I stood on the line knowing I had prepared myself as much as I possibly could. The only thing standing in my way of making an Olympic team was my mind.”
— Julie Culley, 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials 5,000-meter champion

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