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Why Did You Run Today?


Earlier today on Twitter and Facebook, we asked a simple question. “Why did you run today?” Everyone has their own reasons for lacing up their running shoes. The responses were both unique and universal. If you need a little bit of motivation this weekend, check out the answers below.

I ran today because…

It’s the best start to my day, I can wear Lycra without caring and because I love it.@LisaC_BaH

I got so angry and decided to clear my head with some me-time loosing myself feeling the burn! – Rosa P.

I can run and it’s the best way to start my day!@mwsutt

Because I am training for my first marathon in Oct.. !! – Monica G.

It makes me happy.@Runningeb

I had French fries for breakfast. Ok seriously, small run today to keep me lose for my half this Sunday. – Amanda G.

I’m going to PR next week!@RunningOneStep

I like ice cream! – Amy B.

I wanted to prove to myself I could!@76jinx

It helps me clear my mind of the world, it makes me feel like i can do anything after, and it’s one of the few things that make me so happy. – Katie D.

But almost everyone did say that they run because they can. And there is no better reason than that.

Why did you run today? Send us a tweet @womensrunning to share your motivation with us.