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Run Nerd Awards: Best Running Watches

When it comes to gadgets for running, nothing is more exciting than choosing a new watch. But with so many options to choose from- basic, gps, heart rate- it can be tough to narrow down the options. We’re here to help! As part of our first annual Run Nerd Awards, we picked our four favorite running watches.

BEST OVERALL: Garmin Forerunner 620 HRM-Run

Hot features: What doesn’t this watch do? It measures distance, heart rate, calories and VO2 max. Plus, by tracking cadence and vertical oscillation, it helps you run with better form. The 620 can even predict how fast you’re apt to race over any distance—and how long you’ll need to recover.

Cool Extras: A highly responsive touchscreen gives the watch a smartphone feel.

Best fit for: Any runner with a pulse. (Heart-rate joke!) But seriously, this watch works for almost everyone (willing to shell out half a grand).


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