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Run Nerd Awards: Best Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker industry keeps growing, with new companies and devices entering the market every month. We narrowed the choices down to our four favorites. As part of our first annual Run Nerd Awards, here are our picks for best fitness trackers.


Hot features: This unassuming bracelet with a built-in accelerator helps you get a serious handle on your health. Calories burned, steps taken, distance covered, sleep logged and more are delivered to the sync-able smartphone app.

Cool Extras: Bluetooth functionality gives iPhone users the option of receiving call alerts directly to the band.

Best fit for: Runners looking to lose weight—or become more active overall—would be hard-pressed to fi nd a better feedback tool.


Note: Originally we picked the Fitbit Force as our best overall, but it has since been taken off the market. The Flex has a smaller display on the band but has the same overall features, bluetooth capability and platform.

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