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Introducing our June Cover Model- Ryan Gosling

Women’s Running has decided to put a male on the cover for the first time in the magazine’s history. Introducing our June Cover Model, Ryan Gosling.

Women’s Running has always been committed to providing inspiring and informative content that is relevant to female athletes. Having Gosling on our cover may seem like an unusual move for a women’s specific publication, but from internet memes to race signs, it has become clear that Gosling is constantly on the minds of our readers while they run.

“We always choose our cover models based on whether they are motivational and relevant to our audience.” says Editor-in-Chief Jessie Sebor. “Our readers have made it clear that Ryan has been a tremendous influence in the sport of running.”

“I mean, what woman hasn’t fantasized about Gosling waiting for her at the end of a race?”

In the accompanying interview, Gosling shares his favorite recipe for protein-packed pancakes, a meal he often makes shirtless while waiting for women who are returning from their long run. Gosling also dishes about how he will often attends races, just to jump into running selfies at a moment’s notice. He is even thinking about designing a line of running apparel for women, but would not confirm the rumor that he has signed on with Oiselle to do so.

A record number of Women’s Running and Competitor employees turned out for the June cover shoot. When one employee asked if Gosling is a avid runner, he shrugged and replied “Not really.”