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Road Warrior Workout

For many runners, travel can interfere with their workout plans. And let’s face it—when you’re living out of a suitcase, it’s extra easy to back out of a run. Limited time, impatient relatives and shorter days are just a few reasons we skimp on the sweat sessions during the winter.

The good news is we’re serving up no-excuses exercises to offset those extra slices of pumpkin pie. The key to staying on track with your fitness is to keep it up no matter where you are. This workout can be performed in a hotel room, at a friend’s home or a quiet corner at the airport.

These exercises will work your muscles and elevate your heart rate with zero equipment required. You don’t even need a pair of sneakers! Do this routine on a day when you can’t get out and run. It will be equally effective (if not more) because you have the added benefits of strength training. The next time you run, you’ll feel the power you built from this routine—and that sweet satisfaction of having stayed in shape despite a hectic schedule.

Workout Directions:

Perform 10 reps of each exercise (one after the other) resting 30 seconds between exercises. After finishing all moves, rest for two minutes and repeat the circuit once or twice more.

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