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Run-Nerd Awards: Best Headphones

Of course, the beauty of running lies in its simplicity. All a runner girl really needs is a pair of shoes and open road. But sometimes she wants a fun gadget to up her workout game. In our first annual Run-Nerd Awards, we gathered the best gadgets to help you geek out on your run. First up- the best headphones.


Hot features: These sweat-resistant headphones have the highest quality sound we tested. The earpieces are pliable and soft, and they come in different sizes with “StayHear” tips to prevent slippage.

Cool extras: Includes a Reebok armband that fits a smartphone. And you can adjust the volume and take calls via the headphones.

Best fit for: Music aficionados who want light earbuds that disappear in the presence of distortion-free beats.


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