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Tutus Rock!

We think tutu runners rock! Today we wanted to show our support for runner, cancer survivor, and tutu rock star Monika Allen and her company, Glam Runner. We asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to send in photos of their favorite running tutu or race outfit. The amount of photos sent in was so overwhelming that we had to include all of them in a gallery! So many women (and men!) wanted to support Monika and show that you can be speedy in a tutu.

As women runners, it is important to celebrate the accomplishments of our friends and peers. It doesn’t matter what you wear to a race. What matters is that you feel strong, empowered, happy, and are out there doing the best you can! We always owe a big thank you to YOU- our readers- for creating such a positive environment for all runners. And thank you to Monika for her inspiration. Rock on in your tutus, dresses, shorts, capris- whatever makes you speedy!

If your tutu photo didn’t make it into the gallery, fear not! We’ll be sure to include it in Monday’s Run Brag Gallery!